Kathy McHale (1964, RI)

Kathy Beaudoin McHale lives in Norfolk, MA.  Born and raised in Rhode Island, she has lived in Massachusetts since 1988. Kathy has a B.A. in Philosophy from the former Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY and a M. Ed. in Special Education and Educational Advocacy from Rhode Island College.  Kathy worked for 30 years for non-profit organizations related to community organizing, social issues, and assistive technology.  In 1997, she established a small business, Technology for Memory and Organization, where she has worked with individuals who have disability-related memory difficulties and looks forward to launching a website, memoryaidadvisor.com, in the summer of 2019.   Kathy has helped to find lost Presidential scholars using skills she gained looking for lost relatives for genealogy-related DNA testing and for organizing family reunions.