So I want to commend to each of you some very serious thought--to ask yourselves, “What can you do for your country and, more important, what can you do for your fellow human beings in the world in the allotted time that you have here?" – President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1967 Presidential Scholars Medallion Ceremony


Many Scholars heard words similar to President Johnson’s at their own Medallion ceremonies, and so many of us have made positive impacts on society. The Presidential Scholars Foundation and Alumni Association want to provide even more opportunities for Scholar alumni to give back to our communities, states, nation, and the world at large.

Now in an effort to provide an avenue for Scholars to use their gifts of intellect and innovation to give back to their communities and the world, the Presidential Scholars Foundation & Alumni Association have created a new Seed Grant Program to support specific projects led by Scholar alumni. The goal of this program is to support our community of Scholars by providing seed grant money to initiate small projects that can help improve our world, but which might otherwise go unfunded. 

  • Grants will range in size from $3500 to $4500 per project.

  • Presidential Scholars alumni from any year are eligible to apply.

  • 1-3 grants will be awarded each year.

  • Applications will be short and will focus on quality projects, not a lot of paperwork.


Our goal is to fund two seed grants in the amount of $4500 each in 2018. Please help us meet our goal by donating below.
Please email Jamie for more information.