Approved by the Board of Directors on April 8, 2016

The Presidential Scholars Foundation is committed to respecting your privacy. This privacy policy governs our collection and use of personal and business information collected from visitors to our website, through our Scholars Directory, through our email and regular mail correspondence, and telephone calls and reflects our policies toward privacy in respect to all other means of gathering and disseminating data.

Our policy is to use any and all data collected by any means, whether through the internet, email, our online database and/or any interactive forms or surveys only for such uses that are important to our organization and our cause, in light of the professional standards required and expected from nonprofit organizations.

The Presidential Scholars Foundation reserves the right to change this policy whenever deemed necessary without prior notification. Should changes be made, they will be posted on this Privacy Notice with the date of revision.

Information posted about our members on the website consists only of that which is publicly available including name, Scholar year, Scholar state, hometown, photo (if provided by the member) and high school. We do, however, maintain internal lists of members and contacts and make a portion of that information available to other Scholars as needed. Because your physical mail and e-mail addresses are confidential, we never share either type of list with outside parties without your consent, and only key Presidential Scholars Foundation personnel or volunteers and certain technical contractors are allowed access to the areas of the computer systems in which we store our lists. Lists are accessed only for the purpose of upgrading our computer systems or distributing The Presidential Scholars Foundation newsletters, publicity campaigns, alerts, correspondence, event notifications, or other professional communications that help us accomplish our mission.

Our online database is protected by various means and levels of security put in place to safeguard data integrity and to prevent unauthorized access and/or use of its systems. These security measures have been designed to provide the user with reasonable protection of private information entrusted to our possession.

Visitors to the Website and Website Security

The Presidential Scholars Foundation’s website collects information about each visitor to our website in these ways:

1. through your IP address

2. through cookies

3. through any correspondence you send us via mail to our online posted mailing address, our online listed emails, and through other forms not associated with the database

IP Addresses

Your IP address does not reveal any personal information about you or your activities. Our web server host logs all IP addresses of all visitors to automate information collection concerning web traffic, usage, length of time visitors stayed, new visitors, entry and exit points, and the like. It is also used as statistical information for reporting and to find ways to improve web usability.


None of your contact information or any of your correspondence that you send via regular mail, online through forms, through email, or any other means is ever sold to third parties under any circumstances, and is used only to conduct our daily business in accomplishing our mission under our policies as a nonprofit entity.

Links to Other Websites

Although we work hard to make sure we are linking to appropriate sites, and take full responsibility for the content of our site and our own privacy policy, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of sites to which we link.

Contacting Us

If you believe that your personal and/or private information is being used for a purpose other than its intended purpose, would like to update your contact information, or if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the practices of our site, please send us a note using the Contact form on our website.